Home Organizing

Let’s face it…all of us are busy!  Everyone has “one more job to do, one more errand to run, one more meal to take to an ill neighbor.” It is no surprise that clutter can sneak up on us with all the demands we are faced with daily.  So, first of all, know that you are not alone and that I am genuinely honored to have the opportunity to give a helping hand when things seem overwhelming.

The most common question I receive from clients at the initial consultation is, “Where do we begin?” My answer to that is usually, “The area gives you the most stress and anxiety.” Clients are encouraged when that space that seemed impossible to tackle, is turned from “clutter to calm”.  It is possible to transform your home/office from a place that makes you want to run away, to an inviting and tranquil space.  You will have a desire to keep going, organizing every aspect of your life because it feels so good to know you are making progress.  You will start to see that you have more time for the things you want to do, you’ll have more energy, be saving money, and you will be able to find everything quickly. Doesn’t that sound great?!

Most clients express that they never would have stuck with it if I wasn’t by their side every step of the way. This reflects part of my philosophy as a professional organizer.  You hire me to put forth all the knowledge and skills that I have to transform your closet, garage, pantry, office, entire house etc. into what you want it to be! We can do it together!

We will begin by meeting for a *free consultation. I will come to your space and ask questions like: “What would you like to see in this space?  What does and doesn’t work? What solutions do we need to put in place to make the most of your space? How would you like to see this area transform? What is overwhelming about this area?”  After the consultation I will develop a strategy that best suits your needs.  We will discuss exactly how to get the job done in a timely manner.  I work fast and can promise that I will make the most of our time together.  You owe this to yourself! Let’s make it happen!

I have seen first hand the relief and joy that come as I leave a clients home and all their belongings are in their proper place. I love my job and hope to have the opportunity to help you!

Commercial Organizing

Every time I go to a salon, retail store, doctors office etc. I am considering all the ways I could make the space more inviting for their guests.  So many businesses are working under their full potential because they are un-organized in one or more ways.  You say a lot about your company by what your physical space looks like.  When things look orderly and beautiful, people will have a greater desire to frequent your establishment.

I assist businesses, large or small, in many ways.  I can help you develop strategies to make your business run efficiently. I will organize every physical space in your office (including desk layout) to allow you to spend more time growing your company and making money, and less time managing office clutter.  I will meet with company executives and formulate a customized plan for each department.  We will discuss what needs to take place to make the most of your space and business strategies.  Once a plan is in place, I can do most of the work without further consulting.

Let’s meet for a *free consultation so that I can offer my services to assist you in growing your business the right way!  You will reap the benefits quickly: saving money, happier employees, more efficient systems in place, saving time, and building long lasting relationships with clients.

Home Staging

Selling your home? Using your existing furniture and decor, I will make your home feel inviting and cozy.  I will eliminate clutter and strategically place furniture and belongings in a manner that is pleasing to all senses! Home buyers will want to purchase your home on the spot!  Allowing a professional to help you on this journey is the way to a quick sell.

Pre and Post-Move Organizing

Moving is a huge undertaking and can be overwhelming and exhausting!  I would like to assist you in de-cluttering, then packing all of your items in an organized fashion.  You will feel relieved when you get to your new space and all of your belongings are easily found.  I would then spend some time helping you put your things away.  We will consider functionality and design flow. All of your items will be placed in a strategic manner allowing you to enjoy your new home! (I can help with just the pre-move or just post-move if desired.)

Speaking Engagements 

I wanted to be a motivational speaker when I was in college, so I pursued a degree in communications.  Obviously, this did not end up being my career path, but I love having the opportunity to motivate and inspire others as I speak to groups about getting their lives organized.  There is more to being organized than just physical clutter.  Being organized is a way of life, and I will teach your group how this is possible.  We will discuss how proper organization does the following: Increase joy, establish order, increase energy, maximize use of space, increase time for things that matter most, give confidence when asked to host a dinner party or event, improve family relationships, and save money.  It would be my pleasure to attend your event. I will encourage and motivate your audience.  I will help them feel the joy comes from living an organized life.

*Note: Free consultations are offered for the Heber, Provo, Park City areas.  There is a $25 fee for consultations outside of these areas.