And we’re still organized!

Angie is amazing at what she does! She has the gift of organization and our company has greatly benefited from her natural talent.  It is incredible how quickly she transformed our large office into a well organized, not cluttered work space.  I enjoy walking through the door every day and seeing everything put together and things placed where they should be.  She truly went above and beyond helping us get rid of the office equipment we no longer needed, and moving furniture around for optimal space utilization. One of the best things about having Angie come organize for us, is that she will give you the tools necessary to keep everything organized.  Our office will be moving in a few weeks and I can’t wait to see what she does with our new space.  Thanks so much Angie!

Mimi McDonald

Education and Events Director, Banyan Inc.

I could not have done it without her!

Angie is a natural at organizing and seeing solutions that may not be seen by others.  She helped me organize all my “temporary” spaces and items.  I was having a hard time with non-permanent and transient items cluttering my house and she helped me clear spaces, and devise plans to help me more easily make decisions about these items.  I was always surprised by how she made what seemed like such a mountain to climb for me, a small hill to overcome.  She saw easily what I could not and helped me feel so much more relief about a plan of action for things that were burdening me.  She has true, raw talent and passion for helping others.  You will never go wrong asking her for assistance.  I could not have overcome these hurdles without her.  Believe me, I had tried before.  So glad I got to work with her.  I am looking forward to having her help me in the office for my small business in the future.

Lynne A.

Done in one afternoon!

It was really a great experience having Angie help me find the proper places for all my treasures. Every time I thought about changing our playroom to a useful room for the current stage that our kids are at, I was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start. Having Angie help me get it all done in one afternoon was great! She really helped me figure out what the main purpose for that room should be, how it should be laid out and function properly. Now every time I walk into that room I am so happy and relieved to have it so clean and organized. The best part is the kids use the room for its Intended purpose… music and reading.
Thanks Angie!

Kristine O.

The basement transformation was amazing!

She helped me organize my kitchen and an unfinished basement. Both experiences were great, but the basement transformation was amazing!  For five years our basement had become the dumping ground for everything that didn’t have a home or for things that we didn’t want to deal with.  When Angie came to  our rescue, it was a disaster!! I wish we had taken before pictures because words cannot describe what a mess it was.  In two days, roughly 10 hours, Angie had completely transformed the space.  It still blows my mind that a project that was hanging over my head for years was done in 2 days! It was such a relief to have that cleaned and organized.  Angie kept me on track and committed to the project when I wanted to give up.  She gave me advice on what to keep and what to let go of.  Her services are worth every penny! I wholeheartedly recommend using Angie to bring peace and order to your life.


Such a weight off of my shoulders!

Angie came down to Texas to visit me a few weeks ago and changed my world with all of her organizing tips. I just had a baby and I also have two little boys home with me as well. Finding the time in my everyday life to get certain areas in the house organized was stressful. I just had no time. I felt like I was living in a life of insanity, cleaning, organizing and doing the same thing over and over everyday. Angie changed all of that around for me. She completely transformed my master bedroom. That one room tends to be where everything ends up. After a few hours of working together on organizing and some re-arranging, it turned out awesome. I am so happy with all that was accomplished. The crazy thing is that doing this one thing changed my everyday routine. I now have time for myself everyday. After she left I started organizing more areas of my house. I tackled my laundry room, storage closet and garage. I feel like I can finally breath knowing everything has a proper place and looks great! Thanks Ang for changing my everyday. I have so much more peace and joy in my home.

Leslie C.

I love my kitchen!

She helped me re-organize my kitchen, and it has been life changing.  Everything now has its proper place, and makes much more sense!

Jessica Ashurst

Angie is awesome!

She helped us organize 28,000 sq. feet of our new office space.  A huge upgrade for us and she handled it with ease.  Huge thank you!!

Tom Clark

Owner and CEO , Banyan Inc.

No more wasted time looking for things!

We made a great decision to hire A Proper Place to organize our construction shop.  This was not an easy job, but Angie seemed to handle everything with ease.  We met with her initially to explain what we needed done.  When she got started we met with her for a couple of hours to help her know what could be thrown away and what everything was.  Then, she went to work.  We actually left on vacation and when we got back the shop was clean and organized.  The best thing ever to come home to!  Angie found a place for everything and labeled it all.  Our employees are so happy to be able to find the tools they need right away.  No more wasted time looking for things!  We highly recommend Angie with A Proper Place to handle your organizational needs.  You won’t be disappointed!

Laura J.

Owner , Jorgenson Builders

Best Mother’s Day Gift EVER!

I met Angie at a business networking meeting and I immediately knew that I needed her services! My house was not super cluttered, but I had lived in it for almost a year and had not finished unpacking or organizing.  My home was not the way I wanted it to be.  When my husband told me that he was building me a garden box for Mother’s Day, I really appreciated his gesture, but told him that I didn’t need one more thing on my “to do list.” I gave him Angie’s phone number. He purchased a gift certificate for a whole day of Angie’s organizing services.  It was the best Mother’s Day gift I could have ever received! Angie was very detailed and thorough.  She made the day very enjoyable and relaxing! I recommend her services to almost everybody and anybody!

Ashleigh G.

Angie Came Very Highly Recommended!

After moving into a new home, I felt overwhelmed, yet excited to make it our own with meaningful decor.  Angie came very highly recommended so I asked her for her insights.  She truly listened to my ideas and incorporated my interests as we went through our home, room by room.  I was happy that she used almost all of my own items to decorate our home.  Her suggestions helped me think of different possibilities I would have never come up with on my own…and we stayed right within our limited budget! Besides decorating, Angie also had very helpful suggestions on how to organize a few areas in our home to make life run a little easier.  We had a great time together! I can’t recommend her talents and congenial personality enough!

Holly K.

I trust her explicitly!

Angie is my “go to girl” for organizing my home.  I have used her for years and she is kind, honest, and full of integrity.  Plus, she is the absolute BEST at helping me get rid of things I really don’t need anymore.  I consider her my friend as well, and that says a lot.  I trust her explicitly with all my personal things and would highly recommend her!

Trish M.

I realized I was not going to get organized on my own, that’s when I reached out to Angie…

This year for my New Year’s Resolutions I decided to pick a different goal or category each month.  One of my goals was to dejunk my home; every closet, storage area, drawer and the garage!  We have lived in our home for 11 years and have raised/raising 5 children.  We had LOTS of stuff! Each month I would put this goal on my to-do list and each month passed without much success. Finally, I realized that I was not going to get it done on my own.  That’s when I reached out to Angie.  I am so happy that I did!  She is a miracle worker!! Angie and I worked side by side conquering one room at a time.  With her by my side, this huge project took much less time than I had anticipated.  Now I love to go in the storage room!  It’s no longer a source of stress.  My closets are organized and I can find things, and the overwhelm is gone!  Not only is Angie a smart organizer, she is also friendly and pleasant to work with.  I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to refresh and organize!  You won’t be disappointed.

Heather R.

Uplifting Support

I have greatly appreciated Angie’s uplifting support with many projects in my home!  If you are overwhelmed by an organizational task, or just need someone to help you with some strategies, she’s got you covered.  I highly recommend Angie’s services!

Kelly A.

She is worth every penny!!

Angie has done an amazing job of organizing my spaces!  I love her work!  She is detail oriented, thorough, friendly and works hard.  I have saved so much time by hiring Angie.  She does a fantastic job of helping me sort through my belongings, organize and figure out ways to make my home look and feel new!  She has a way of making you feel very comfortable as she organizes for you.  She makes projects that are very overwhelming, seem so easy.  And, she is FAST!!  She has also taught me and my family so much about organizing.  She arrives on time and completes each project on time.  I would highly recommend Angie to organize any space you need help with.  It is worth every penny!!  I guarantee you will love the results.

Julie K.