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It’s no exaggeration when I say that Angie and her team at A Proper Place are incredible at what they do! If I could give them 10 stars out of 5.. I would!  I hired them for a whole house organization project that changed our lives completely. I know that sounds wild, but for a family with four kids and a busy lifestyle it’s allowed us so much time and peace of mind back to know we can clean up the house quickly and efficiently. Everything has a place, and it makes great sense as far as where it’s placed. Where I felt like the walls were crashing in on us before, it was like we have a renewed love of the house we are living in because it functions so well now!


After they completed my home, I hired her team again to come and organize a difficult sample storage room in my commercial office space. It’s been so wonderful having everything easy to find and saved me and my employees so much time and headache!


Angie made the process painless and fun! Even when my kids and husband had a hard time decluttering she went above and beyond to help them with the decision making needed. I can’t say enough good things about A Proper Place – I would highly recommend them to anyone.

- Amy Kohler

Angie is very responsive and understands your needs. Her girls did a fantastic job on reorganizing my pantry and entire kitchen. They even helped me get rid of a lot of things I didn’t need that were just taking up space in my mind and my kitchen! I plan to use them again and would recommend 100%!

- Shannon Bernstein

Angie and her team are absolutely amazing. Not only do they work so incredibly hard (with great efficiency!), but they come up with solutions to storage/ organization that have been so helpful in our busy house. I initially intended to use their services a few times to reset my home- but I know they will always be part of my ongoing organization as my home evolves. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

- Louise K.

Angie and her crew are really, really good at what they do! Friendly, prompt, self-directed unless my input was critical.  They put my office back so it was functional. I will have them back for tune ups at least annually.  Like have a personal assistant!!

- Lisa Salisbury

Angie and crew were an absolute pleasure to work with! I had an overwhelming amount of stuff in our garage. My parents and grandparents have all passed and I had the task of going through endless boxes and tubs of 4 lifetimes of pictures, books, files, antiques, EVERYTHING. With their help and support, I finally let go of all the things, kept what was truly important, and then they organized our entire garage!!! It truly looks AMAZING. My husband is overjoyed. We are so grateful for Angie’s hard work and help! Highly recommend! What a huge weight lifted. Couldn’t be happier with her services. Thank you Angie, for tackling my monster of a garage!

- April Estel

There aren’t enough words to describe how incredible Angie is! I went from intending to use Angie on one project, to using her several times a year to keep my house (and life!) organized. Angie comes to you with great ideas, works fast, and always leaves me with order and peace of mind! I’ve worked with several organizers over the years, but Angie is by far THE BEST!

- Erin Barry

Angie and her team are so great, I have had them come and organize my pantry and the giant disaster that was my garage. They are very thoughtful of placement of things and making things organized and accessible. They think of things I would have never thought of. My pantry has stayed organized for over 6 months since they came. My garage is so clean and functional now. I’m so grateful for them and helping me organize my chaos.

- Megan McFee

Having the A Proper Place Team work their magic in our home is one of the best decisions and biggest blessings!!! We felt so many positive benefits beyond organization in our home, from less stress, to feeling like we could BREATHE, to better and reinforced routines for the littles. They are incredible, and we are so grateful for them and their invaluable expertise and talents! –

- Sarah @ The Dainty Pear

Words cannot express how grateful I am to have found A Proper Place organizing. I had a huge project on my hands of trying to clean out a home that had accumulated twelve years worth of stuff, and knew I couldn’t do it alone. Contacted A Proper Place and scheduled a time for Lisa and Heather to come over. These two ladies were beyond amazing. They worked for two days straight, and never stopped. The house looked absolutely amazing when they were finished. I could not have asked for a better team. The house looks absolutely organized, and I could not be happier when the end result. Thank you so much again ladies. You are amazing.

- Trisha Preece

Angie does such a great job! We own a construction company and our shop space was a disaster. She came in and got the whole area clean and organized. I didn’t think it was possible! Everything was labeled so well that it’s helped us keep things organized since.  I highly recommend Angie for even the toughest jobs!

- Laura Jorgenson

Angie is amazing and helped me so much with getting my new home organized! I highly recommend her and her team! She did my pantry, master bathroom, & all the kid toys. She’s seriously a life saver!!

- Karli Turner

Angie was brilliant when it came to helping us. She magically transformed our cluttered, unorganized storage room into a place I can go and easily find whatever it is I’m looking for. Including the kids toys, books, holiday decorations and photo albums. We are so happy to have found her.

- Christina Ngata

Angie turned my office into a functional dream. The layout and design she came up with is still organized and functional after 2 years. She has great vision and makes it happen. She spent a lot of time researching to fit my taste.

If you need anything organized or designed I highly recommend A Proper Place.

- J. Whit

I hired Angie to help me organize a neglected basement.  Initially I was hesitant to have anyone come into the space because it was so bad.  However, Angie was easy to work with, very kind, and made the difficult decisions of what to keep and what to get rid of much easier. I thought the project would take forever, but we had it wrapped up in roughly 10 hours.  Angie is fast.  You will not regret the decision to work with her.

- Amy Thatcher

Angie helped me clean out and organize my pantry and she was AMAZING! Within a couple of hours she turned a big disorganized mess into a functional work of art. She’s so pleasant and kind and encouraging and I highly recommend her for any organizational needs!

- DeEtte Englebright

I hired Angie to help me organize my entire home! She did an amazing job. She is fun to work with and also taught me skills I can use to stay organized and clutter free for the rest of my life!

- Heather Rasband @ A Happier Easier Life

Angie is an amazing organizer and has truly done a great job! Honest, trustworthy and very competent! You won’t regret using her services!


- Scott Martineau

This was the best Thing ever! Angie and her crew did an amazing job with your house and it was super easy and so fast! It looks and feels so good!

- Sarah Larsen

Working with Angie and the Proper Place team was incredible! My office space feels totally different and has helped my productivity and organization more than I ever imagined! They came back to organize my kitchen and I couldn’t be happier! Angie’s experience and the systems she put in place helped us get rid of items we weren’t using and organize in a way that the whole family can keep on on. I can’t recommend them enough!

- Paige Fotheringham

Angie and her team have done an amazing job of organizing my spaces! I love their work! They are detail oriented, thorough, friendly and work hard. I have saved so much time by hiring Angie. She does a fantastic job of helping me sort through my belongings, organize, and figure out ways to make my home look and feel new! She has a way of making you feel very comfortable as she organizes for you.  She makes projects that are very overwhelming, seem so easy. And she is so fast! She has also taught me and my family so much about organizing. She arrives on time and completes each project on time.  I would highly recommend Angie to organize any space you have! It is worth every penny! I guarantee you will love the results.

- Julie Kuch

I consider myself an organized person so I was hesitant to have someone come and help me organize. I am so grateful that I did. We recently moved into a new home and I was overwhelmed trying to find spots for everything. Angie came and worked hard with me for three hours. When we were done my kitchen and pantry looked terrific. Angie has so many good ideas and suggestions. My kitchen is neat and tidy. It makes it so much easier to cook and clean. I would highly recommend A Proper Place.

- Lisa Nokes

Proper place is such a blessing in my and my husbands hearts. We have lived in our home for 18 years, always adding to the house, never clearing it out ….. Proper Place seriously cleaned  and organized our house in 5 days, 3 crew members !   What they did in 5 days would of taken us seriously 3 months+ to clear out and organize.  Thank you ladies for saving us … we appreciate all your hard work …. My kids came over yesterday. And they were so excited for me … now when we sell our house we’re ready to move … thank you thank you !!!

- Terri Findarle