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I figured I had a talent for organizing when in grade school I couldn’t leave for the day until my desk was “just so.” All of my life friends and family have repeatedly made comments like, “Your house is always so clean,” “How do you always know where to put everything?” Then it hit me…I LOVE making my surroundings neat, orderly, and beautiful. I need to turn my passion into a career. So, as I contemplated what I wanted to do when I reached that milestone of “all children in school all day”, I decided to take the leap and go for it…and here I am!

Wasatch and Summit County Areas


My favorite areas of a house to organize are the kitchen and closets. These two spaces sometimes end up being a dumping ground and it is satisfying making these spaces functional.
Working individually with clients and helping them solve their organizational challenges is very rewarding to me. Together we work on solving issues and help them come up with solutions that are realistic, manageable, and long lasting. Our clients are grateful for the services we provide and many of them have told us that it has changed their life.

Sonnet, Professional Organizer

Hi! I am an enthusiastic music/dance teacher, mother of two boys & two girls and I love to organize! I realized how much I love it when my kids told me that every ‘vacation break’ I plan organizing projects around the house. I don’t think they share my excitement, but they chip in and help without complaining too much. My family and I have moved 14 times, living in 3 different states and 2 countries. I know what it means to find what works for you in your space, whether it’s big or small. I have had to reorganize many times and it can be a challenge, but a challenge worth tackling. Having an organized space brings peace, less stress and the ability to be more creative and productive. When I am not organizing, I’m singing, dancing and soaking up the sun watching my kids play soccer!


Hello! I recently moved to Utah from Gilbert, Arizona. I have five kiddos that I adore. Since moving to Utah, we are enjoying the breathtaking outdoors, the changing seasons and living so close to family. We are truly happy to call Utah home. I find joy in long walks, sunny days, snow skiing and a good veggie-packed salad. I have been re-arranging my room and color coding my closet long before Pinterest existed. I’ve always loved to organize. Now, working at A Proper Place, I get to do what I love every

Salt Lake and Utah County Area


Hi there! I live in West Jordan with my busy family. I enjoy baking and cooking. I graduated with a degree in Travel and Tourism and love to plan the next big adventure. The process of organizing and discovering the magic in finding a place for every item is something that makes me feel alive. I’m also a planner and have never met a “To Do” list that I don’t like.


Hey! I’m a busy wife and Mama of 4. I have literally been organizing and keeping things tidy my whole life, even to the point of putting masking tape down the center of my childhood bedroom shared with my sister so that her messes would stay on HER side of the room! It’s so fun for me to watch spaces transform as we work with our clients. I have a saying when it comes to our team entering someone’s home or workspace, “We will make it better”, and we always do!


I find that living an organized life makes me happy, relaxed and gives me more free time.  I realized I had a talent for organization and saw the benefits it brings in my own life, so I decided to pursue a career in professional organization.  I am fulfilled each time I get to share this with others. I love to see the positive change organization has in our clients’ lives.  I have had such a wonderful opportunity to meet great people over the years. I truly love what I do!

Iron County and Surrounding Areas

Erin, Project Manager

Hello! I have lived in beautiful Southern Utah for 10 years and love everything it has to offer, except the wind! I am a mom to three wonderful girls which is my favorite job. I was raised with the family moto of “A place for everything, and everything in its place” so being organized and tidy is something that I have been doing my entire life. I love creating systems within my home that help our busy lives run more smoothly, so we have more time to enjoy each other. I enjoy decorating my home, reading, riding bikes with my kids, doing puzzles, and a good Sunday nap. I am excited to bring A Proper Place to Southern Utah!

A Proper Place is growing! We are looking for organizers who are trustworthy, hardworking, and have a strong desire to help others. If you're interested in joining our team, fill out the application below to get started. We are excited to meet you.

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A little more about me…I am married to the man of my dreams and we have four beautiful children. These 5 people are my favorites and I’m lucky to call them mine. If I’m not organizing, you’ll probably find me designing (my second love behind organizing), shopping, working out, hiking, eating, singing, napping, or sipping on a Diet Coke. My dream is to travel the world and I’m on my way to making that happen. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and feel blessed to have the gospel in my life. I am grateful for all that God has given me and know that He blesses me every single day.

I launched my professional organizing business in January 2016.  The name of my company is “A Proper Place” and that’s exactly what its all about, finding that perfect and proper place for every single item in your home/office.  When things have a place, clutter can’t exist! It has been so much fun helping others lift the burden that clutter brings and finding solutions together.

Another aspect of building a business that has changed my life is creating an incredible team of talented and dedicated women. I’m deeply grateful for the women who stand with me and make this work a priority in their lives. As a team, we are unstoppable and I am very excited to offer that opportunity to more women as our business grows.